Dental Implants

maturesmilingwoman10Dental Implants can be a wonderful option for individuals interested in replacing missing teeth. In contrast to full and/or partial dentures, Dental Implants are anchored to your jawbone much like a tooth root. This allows them to remain securely in place as you speak, chew, and smile. In addition, the dental crown placed on top of the implant can be customized to match the shape and color of surrounding teeth for an exceptionally natural look and feel.

Dr. Beiting works with highly respected implantologists and personally coordinates the implant treatment plan from start to finish for every patient. The finishing touch is a beautiful crown secured right here in our office. If you are interested in dental implants and wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Beiting, please contact us today.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants have emerged as the accepted standard of care for the replacement of missing teeth. They have significantly transformed modern restorative dentistry. Some key benefits of this revolutionary treatment option can include:

While not all patients are candidates for Dental Implants, we encourage patients to explore their options. Ultimately, Dental Implants look and function so much like natural teeth that you – and others – might not be able to see the difference.

The Dental Implant Procedure

dentalimplants copyFirst schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Beiting. Tell her what you’re interested in, which teeth you want to replace, and ask questions. Dr. Beiting will explain the implant process, talk about her specialist partners and their role, and talk about the cost of implant treatment. The next step is a simple evaluation by the Implantologist. When you’re ready, the Implantologist will place the implant. Dr. Beiting then secures a custom-made Porcelain Crown to the implant.

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To learn more about dental implants, or to schedule an appointment at our office, please contact Beiting Family Dentistry today.

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