invisalign_logoInvisalign® can be an excellent option for many individuals wishing to discreetly straighten their teeth. At Beiting Family Dentistry, this alternative to traditional metal braces is extremely popular among adults seeking orthodontic care to correct gaps, crowding, and various other tooth alignment issues. Using a custom-designed series of clear, removable aligners, Dr. Beiting can provide you with a comfortable and convenient solution to achieving straight teeth and a beautiful smile, often without others even realizing you are undergoing treatment.

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The Invisalign® Process

invisalignmodelThe Invisalign® process involves a series of aligners that are replaced every few weeks allowing your teeth to gradually shift into an ideal position. At our office, Dr. Beiting will first design your customized set of clear Invisalign® aligners for you to take home. Each tray is modified slightly from the previous one, and the overall number of aligners will depend on your specific needs. Before you leave the office, you will be instructed on how long to wear each tray before switching to the next.

Throughout the treatment process, return visits to our office will be scheduled approximately four to six weeks apart for Dr. Beiting to assess your progress and provide you with a new set of aligners.

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