What Is a Restorative Dentist?

The term “restorative dentist” refers to a dental care professional whose area of expertise pertains to rehabilitating the function and appearance of teeth and supporting oral structures. To put it another way, a restorative dentist helps patients regain the ability to properly speak and chew by replacing missing/damaged teeth and improving overall oral health. Some of the most common restorative […]

How to Choose the Right Dentist for Dental Implants

Choosing the right dentist for dental implants is essential to achieving long-lasting, natural-looking results. If you are considering this advanced tooth replacement treatment, the following is a list of questions you should ask your prospective dentist to help make sure you receive top-quality care throughout the dental implant process: How much experience do you have with dental implants? What type […]

Take Advantage of the Beiting Affordable Dental Plan

As the start of 2017 quickly approaches, this is a friendly reminder not to miss out on the year-long benefits of the Beiting Affordable Dental Plan! With annual costs starting as low as $249, our alternative to dental insurance can provide you and each of your immediate family members with comprehensive preventive care that includes two dental examinations and cleanings, […]

Cincinnati Area Dentist Offers Affordable Alternative to Dental Insurance

Dr. Katherine Beiting offers patients an alternative to dental insurance that covers preventative care and more without deductibles, claims, and maximum yearly benefits.

The Beiting Affordable Dental Plan offered by Dr. Katherine Beiting provides comprehensive preventative care coverage and more, all without the hassle of deductibles, insurance claims, and maximum annual benefits. Crestview Hills, KY — The potential out-of-pocket expense of dental treatment has long been one of the top reasons individuals without insurance coverage fail to receive the oral care they need […]

Benefits of the Beiting Affordable Dental Plan

Not having dental insurance is one of the most common reasons people don’t seek the oral care they need or desire. With so many bills to pay and unexpected expenses that arise in everyday life, how can anyone afford to receive regular dental checkups—let alone cosmetic or restorative treatments—without the help of insurance coverage? At Beiting Family Dentistry, we understand […]

How Long Does Invisalign® Take?

In addition to being considered more convenient, comfortable, and discreet than traditional metal braces, a major benefit of Invisalign® is the reduced amount of time it typically takes to achieve desired results. But just how short of a period are we talking? Generally speaking, the entire Invisalign® treatment takes anywhere from 9-15 months for the majority of individuals. That said, […]

Will Invisalign® Work for Me?

Interested in a straight, beautiful smile? Invisalign® can be a great solution for many women and men seeking to straighten their teeth in a discreet and convenient manner. Designed to correct a variety of tooth alignment concerns, this alternative to traditional metal braces involves a customized series of clear, removable aligners that work to gradually shift one’s teeth into a […]

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